Hounds Lounge Bryant Manager

Meet Our Bryant Manager, Aundi

I started working at Hounds Lounge West Little Rock in the fall of 2022 as a play yard attendant. I moved to Bryant in December and was quickly promoted to management!

Favorite Part of Her Job

I love the bond I get to build with the dogs, especially the new kids who come in a little nervous. Winning them over and being able to make them more comfortable is my favorite part of every day! I really enjoy meeting all of the parents as well. Building friendships with them and getting to hear about and see pictures of their daily adventures with their pups outside of HL is so fun! Hounds Lounge is truly my dream job, I’m so thankful to have a fun, safe, and inclusive environment to thrive!

Meet Aundi’s Dogs

Teddy – Australian shepherd

Eazy-E – Doodle

Dr. Dre- Pitty