Meet Our Bryant Manager, Tjasa

I started my Hounds Lounge journey in July 2022 in our Little Rock location! It was so incredibly fun having sprinklers out and a pool! I remember just having a blast those weeks, learning all the dogs and their quirky habits. While every day is the same and flows the same way, working with dogs makes every day unique.

Favorite Part of Her Job

Learning just how much different dogs are, while being the same. Breed, size, color doesn’t matter at all, everyone is so unique! Also once I started on my journey as a receptionist and connecting all my knowledge of the dogs with their parents! Even now I will call parents by their dogs name, because I know all the dogs, but the parents are still a mystery. My favorite part of the day is, when in the morning dogs come to daycare and they are so incredibly happy to be here and to see us. Sometimes they don’t want to leave! It just warms my heart to see so many happy puppies coming and leaving every day.

Meet TJasa’s Dog

Yes, I have a Border collie/pyrenees mix and her name is Alexandra the Great. We call her Lexi for short. If she is in daycare you will hear her before you will see her, because she lets everyone know her opinion on everything.