Elizabeth - North Little Rock Manager

Meet Our North Little Rock Manager, Elizabeth

I have been with Hounds Lounge almost two years now! It has been such a journey getting to know all of the pet parents and pups we care for. Looking back now, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. Hounds Lounge found me at a time in my life when I needed a new purpose.
As a previous art instructor with a love for animals, it just seemed right to take a path where I could use my social skills and make a difference in our pet community. I started as a receptionist and in no time worked my way up to Head Human here at North Little Rock. I take pride in every day knowing I am giving our guests the BEST experience possible.

Favorite Part of Her Job

My favorite part about my career is knowing that I have made a difference in pets and pet owners’ lives. When I see a shy, nervous dog I make it my top priority to make sure they feel safe and welcome here at the Lounge. The same goes for my nervous pet parents. Leaving your loved one in someone else’s care is a BIG deal. I take that very seriously and want to make everyone feel at ease.
Hands down my favorite thing is telling a mom or dad that their pup has made a best furiend or started to play when they never thought it would be possible. A close second is all of the cuddles and kisses, I mean COME ON! I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world to get to care for our guests every day.

Meet Elizabeth’s Dogs

I have one beautiful, big boy named Louie! My husband and I actually got him from a customer that used our services here at Hounds Lounge. They realized after rescuing him that they couldn’t give him the attention he needed and desperately wanted to find the best home possible. I am so glad they thought that we were indeed that best home.
Louie is 100% mutt and I love him so much. His DNA results came back as American Stafford-shire Terrier, Mastiff, Boxer, and Husky. He is sweet, loyal, smart, and stubborn.