Meet Our Rogers Manager, Evye

I started working at Hounds Lounge in 2018. I began my career in the back personally getting to know and love on each pup. Then I moved to the front desk where I was able to form bonds with the pet parents, as well! Now, I manage at the West Little Rock location.

Favorite Part of Her Job

My favorite thing about this job is the bonds we create at Hounds Lounge!! I absolutely love when new fur babies come in and I get the opportunity to watch them grow. Wether they’re puppies or our antique kids, it’s always a joy to see how much they change from the first day!!

Meet Eyve’s Dogs

I have a sweet baby angel named Blu. She’s an Aussie pit mix! I brought Blu to Hounds Lounge before I started working here and they were exceptional in answering my concerns and providing a fun, safe, reliable place for me and her!! That’s what I hope to do for all of our clients now and to come!