Why Dogs Go Crazy for Their Neighborhood Pet Resort

If your dog has experienced a great day at Hounds Lounge Pet Resort & Spa, then you’ll understand their sense of pure excitement when prompted, “do you want to go to Hounds Lounge?”.

With so many sights to see, dawgs to meet, and smells to sniff – it’s no wonder why all the pups love the Lounge. From doggie daycare to being pampered at the spa, we treat our four-legged guests with utmost love to make sure they have a pawsome time during their stay at Hounds Lounge. Find the winners of our social competition at the bottom of this post.

Your Pup’s VIP Staycation: A Few of His Favorite Things

Dogs are very social creatures that thrive on interaction of fellow doggos as well as hoomans. At Hounds Lounge, our pups play for hours on end with their newly-made fur friends. They take naps together, chase tennis balls together, and curiously explore the outdoor play yards as the seasons change. After a day at the Lounge, most dogs experience the post-vacay #HoundsLoungeHangover.

Dog Pack at the neighborhood pet resort and spa

Your Pup Will Adore Our Lovely Hoomans

Only the best, dog-wild hoomans work at Hounds Lounge. They take the time to help your pooch get acclimated to doggie daycare, comfort them 24/7 during overnight stays and adore your furchildren while you’re away doing important things. You could think of our humans as your favorite childhood camp counselor – fun, energetic, safe, and caring.

Human and Dog Hugs at Hounds Lounge Pet Resort

Bubbles, Pampering, and Pawdicures – Oh My!

Our woofs will tell you that having a pet resort nearby is the best thing that’s ever happened in the Natural State. Complete with pools in the summer, bubbles to pop, and treats, your pooch with think he or she’s in dog heaven.

Let’s not forget our incredible spa stylists that trim, fluff, and pamper our vacationers daily at Hounds Lounge. Next time you come in, try our blueberry facial or pawdicure. Our hoomans want to do everything we can to make your fur child look and feel his or her best.

Meet Our Happy Woofs that Are Head Over Heels to Go to Hounds Lounge Pet Resort

Hounds Lounge Pet Resort & Spa is a special place in the hearts of our dawgs. We know that our furry pack knows us by name and often doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day.

Our team wanted to see your fastest tail wags, hear your loudest whines, and witness those frenzied moments when your pooch hears, “Hounds Lounge”. We posted, you shared. Here are some of your top woof-tastic responses:

#1: Greta getting ready to go to Hounds Lounge West Little Rock for her birthday pawty. She had a ball meeting new furry friends, greeting old pals, and romping around in the play yards.

#2: Sweet Sophie is over the moon for her haircut and spa day at Hounds Lounge.

#3: Two West Little Rock bff’s tripping over each other to get ready for a day at their favorite neighborhood pet resort.

#4: Did someone say Hooounds Lounge?

#5: “Yes, mama! I’m ready to go play!”

#6: Briggs, ready to see friends and visit the doggie spa at Hounds Lounge.

Let’s Keep the Excitement Going

Do you have an especially excitable woof when you’re going to Hounds Lounge? Share it on social media to help brighten others’ day as well as ours! We love seeing your furchildren at the Lounge and on your social feeds. Keep up the great dog-parenting and keep sharing your videos and #houndsloungehangovers with us.


The Pack at Hounds Lounge