While we’re working like a dog with long hours at the office and climbing the company ladder, Fido is spending more lonely days at home by himself. While some pups may be content to sleep away the day on the couch, others need an outlet for all of that built up energy. That’s where doggie daycare comes into play.

Here’s why all the coolest pooches are heading to doggie daycare at Hounds Lounge:

1. Socialize
We all need friends and your pup is no exception! At Hounds Lounge, your dog will find its pack of new furriends – the human-kind too. They will learn how to play nicely with others, how to properly introduce themselves to new furriends and have lots of interactions with our friendly, professionally trained staff members. Not to brag, but we’ve been told they give the best belly rubs in town.

2. Routine
Can you think of anything your pooch would want more than daily playtime? Just like us, dogs are creatures of habit and love routines. At Hounds Lounge you can be sure your pup will have a routine full of playtime, stimulation and exhaustion.

3. Exercise
Let’s face it– after a long day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is take Fido for a walk. Let Hounds Lounge give your dog the exercise your dog deserves. They say a tired pup is a happy pup. At Hounds Lounge, your fur baby will roam and romp all day in our leash-free group play – leaving with what we’ve lovingly dubbed the “Hounds Lounge Hangover.” We’ll take care of the excess energy so that you can focus on the puppy cuddles.

4. Stimulation
Has your couch been a victim of chewing aggression? Has the heel of your favorite pair of sneakers suddenly and suspiciously gone missing? When your fur baby is left alone for several hours they may become especially bored or overly anxious, which can result in a variety of destructive behaviors. We guarantee your pup won’t be bored in our indoor/outdoor play yards. With a 5,000 sq ft area of off-leash play space, your dog is destined to come home with a #HoundsLoungeHangover.

5. Convenience
We get it. We’ve all had to work late unexpectedly. Or, had a mile-long-list of chores on that perfect 70-degree, sunny day. And that’s exactly why we have doggie daycare seven days a week! When you drop off your fur baby, you can leave with peace of mind knowing they will be entertained and enjoying every second of their stay.

We have full days of play and half days of play to accommodate your schedule and budget. Half days are $11 and full days are $19, but we also have packages that never expire and the more days you buy, the greater the savings. To learn more about doggie daycare, pricing or to find your nearest Hounds Lounge, check out our doggie daycare page.

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