Ever feel guilty leaving your fur baby at home while you’re out doing important human things? Or have those evenings that you’re just too tired to take them for a walk or to the dog park? Hounds Lounge to the rescue. With our doggie daycare, your dog will get to participate in cage-free group play. Dogs are pack animals and desire mental stimulation and socialization. They’ll get plenty of that, plus lots of exercise, during group play in our 5,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor play yards.


Leash-Free Group Play

Leash-free is the way to be! Your pup needs room to roam, play and make new fur friends — so we make sure they do just that with a day full of social interaction & play! Our Hounds Lounge campers come home tired and happy after an exciting day of doggie daycare.

Indoor & Outdoor Play Yards

Arkansas weather can be unpredictable, but your fur baby’s experience at Hounds Lounge is not. We offer both indoor and outdoor play yards to guarantee that your fur baby has a fun day of play, rain or shine!

Safety First

Your fur child’s safety is our priority. The first day of play is complimentary & considered a temperament test. We separate our furry guests by size and play style, and offer a private retreat option for dogs who do not do well in social settings. Does your pup have some separation anxiety? Read how doggie daycare can help.


Taxes are not included in pricing. Packages never expire and dogs from the same family can share a package.


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