It’s no surprise that dog separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems. Canine separation anxiety can be difficult to extinguish, ranges from mild to severe, and can be caused by environmental changes, circumstantial events, or your dog’s temperament.

We’ve heard from our campers’ parents how much doggy daycare helps their beloved fur children. If you have personally seen an improvement in any part of your dog’s behavior after daycare at Hounds Lounge, let us know in our Facebook comments.

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What is Canine Separation Anxiety?

Canine separation anxiety is a condition in which our fur children become mildly to severely distressed when left alone. As a busy hooman, it can be difficult (and even exhausting) to try to extinguish any bad behaviors caused by separation anxiety. Your beloved pup may scratch at doors to try to free himself to go find you. They may also chew up your prized possessions or even cause harm to themselves.

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What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Separation anxiety in your woof might be the result of numerous factors. Perhaps your doggo had a less than perfect upbringing before they came home to you, your abundant love and endless pampering. Approximately half of our beloved furbabies at Hounds Lounge are rescues, in which separation anxiety can be common. 

In regards to your pooch’s development, he or she may have been removed from the litter before they were ready (it’s recommended they stay with the litter for at least 7 weeks after birth). Additionally, they may not have been given the appropriate puppy socialization they needed as a wee pup. 

Newly formed separation anxiety could be caused by a change in environment or routine for your doggo. Perhaps you’ve moved homes, changed jobs or working hours, or a family member moved in or out of the house. This is known as conditional separation anxiety. 

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3 Ways the Doggy Daycare Can Help Your Woof’s Anxiety

As any outstanding dog mom or dad, we want what’s best for our four-legged children, which is to be at peace, to be happy, and to be well-taken care of. At Hounds Lounge, we’ve seen time and time again how far a little patience, a little discipline, and some doggy daycare can help our anxious puppers. 

Our dog-loving staff is well-trained in dog behavior and handling so we can make sure to address your dog’s anxiousness and soothe them before they are introduced to other woofs during cage-free group play. 

How does doggy daycare help with separation anxiety?

  1. Doggy daycare helps establish a routine.
  2. Your dog will practice their social skills.
  3. Your doggo will get the exercise they need.
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1. Doggy Daycare Helps Establish a Routine

If you’ve recently experienced a change in daily routine, your dog knows that something is up. He or she may be experiencing conditional separation anxiety if you are around less or a family member moved in or out. 

Our furbabies, much like human babies, thrive on a set and regular schedule. Familiarity and consistency help your doggo feel secure. By taking them to doggy daycare regularly, you can create structure in your woof’s weekly routine. It also helps them get out of the house where they may be feeling the most anxious as you leave for work, your kids’ activities, or evenings out with other hoomans. 

2. Your Dog Will Practice His Social Skills

As woof-loving humans, we go to great lengths to make sure our fur children are thriving. If you suspect your furbaby wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy or had to grow up too fast, our team wants to help you help your dog. 

To do this, our daycare staff spends the time necessary to ensure your woof is comfortable at our facilities, feels extremely loved by their new Hounds Lounge hooman family, and is ready to sniff some butts. We’ve seen many-a-pup grow comfortable in their coat, become more confident, and ready to make some new fur friends. 

Our temperament test, given to all new members of the Hounds Lounge fur family, is designed to help us assess where your dog sits with other dogs. From there, your woof is either added to group play with dogs of similar temperaments and sizes; or we take the appropriate time to comfort your pooch until they are feeling better and ready for play. 

Are you feeling anxious about leaving your dog at doggy daycare? Call one of our staff members for an update on your fur child after you drop him or her off. We are more than happy to give you a full report. 

3. Your Doggo Will Get the Exercise He or She Needs

It’s no wonder that doggos are our best friends when they are so much like us hoomans. By getting a day full of fun and exercise, your doggo will reap all the health benefits. Regular exercise helps our woofs just like it does for us; it helps reduce stress, makes our furbabies happier, and is important for optimal woof health. 

Group play is the perfect setting for your dog to safely spend all of their energy running around, making friends with the other pooches, and getting some much-appreciated human love. You may see reduced symptoms of dog separation anxiety during regular stay-at-home days after a visits to doggy daycare. 

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Try Daycare For Free on Your First Day

As a dog parent, you may feel some separation anxiety yourself when thinking about leaving your beloved pup in someone else’s hands. We get that at Hounds Lounge; it’s why we made this place! Our other Hounds Lounge families have seen the results of doggy daycare firsthand, leaving success stories in our Facebook reviews. 

With the knowledge that other anxious puppers have come through our doors and become better socialized, more confident, and less anxious, we invite you to try out doggy daycare for free as a first-timer at Hounds Lounge. Our hoomans are amazing and love every dog as our own. You can make a reservation or call us with any questions here.

Do you have a Hounds Lounge doggy daycare success story? Share it with us in a Facebook comment! 

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