Hello, fellow dog lovers!

Our Hounds Lounge Pet Resort & Spa journey began in 2013. Another trip to Fayetteville to watch the Hogs was upon us and once again, we found ourselves in a bind. Our two giant lap Doberman-children, Hemingway and London needed to be looked after but our trusted house-sitter was out of town and our parents simply couldn’t handle two large high-energy dogs amongst their own. We were stressing trying to find a dog facility that met all of our wishes.

We all want what’s best for our family and loved ones and that includes our fur children. We wanted a place that provided open space, a cozy private spot to sleep, and around-the-clock care and supervision. We weren’t comfortable with the idea that Hemingway and London would be unsupervised through the night. Why bring your dogs somewhere where they would be left alone?

We are proud to call Hillcrest our home and knew the Midtown area was in desperate need of a dog facility that met our desires as pet parents. We spent two and a half years searching and then finally found the spot our solution would take root.

Little Rock’s First Luxury Pet Resort: Riverdale

Our vision for a cage-free, indoor/outdoor off-leash facility with private, luxury suites and around-the-clock care came to life when we opened the doors to the original Hounds Lounge in July 2016 to serve the Heights, Hillcrest, Midtown, and Downtown Little Rock community. And with the building came an outstanding team of humans that treat each fur-baby as their own. That acknowledgment received from pet parents alone surpasses no other feeling.

Hounds Lounge Expansion: North Little Rock

After a year and a half of slobbery kisses and cuddles, ecstatic humans-their sleepy puppers, and pleas from pet parents in other communities, we took our Hounds Lounge culture across the Broadway bridge. In March 2018, we opened our second pet resort in Justin’s hometown, North Little Rock.

Can We Get a ‘Go Hogs’?

During the construction phase of Hounds Lounge North, a realization became forefront- With our unique approach to the care, wellbeing, and happiness of the central Arkansas fur-kid population and the peace-of-mind we provide pet parents, our journey couldn’t be limited to the Little Rock area alone. Often finding ourselves in northwest Arkansas to root on the Hogs and spend time with Mandy’s family, we knew this was our next destination to bring our level of care to. We owe a big thank you to the community of Fayetteville, AR whom welcomed Hounds Lounge in November of 2018.

2019: West Little Rock Hounds Lounge Opened

Shortly after opening Hounds Lounge FAY, we often heard pleas for us to expand in the Little Rock area with our fourth location. We’re excited to announce that our newest location opened on August 10th, 2019 in West Little Rock off S. Bowman Road. We are thrilled to be so warmly welcomed in WLR!

2022 Hounds Lounge opens it’s doggie doors in Saline County!

We searched Saline County for the perfect property for almost two years before approaching the owners of Salty Dawg located at 519 W. Commerce Dr in Bryant to inquire if they would like to sell their building. Without hesitation, Salty Dawg owners were quick to sell to the household name, Hounds Lounge. The building needed a complete overhaul and after investing $1M dollars into the facility to get it to Hounds Lounge standards, we are thrilled to announce our doggie doors are open as of Dec. 10, 2022.

In 2019 London moved off to college and in 2021, Hemingway did too after a broken heart. The legacy continues to live on with Hounds Lounge providing top-notch care around the clock in memory of Hemingway and London. We now have added three fur-kiddos to our home, Judge a 19# mini goldendoodle and two new Doberman children, Hutch & Lennox.

We look forward to adding you and your furry children to our pack and making your family members embrace the “play hard, nap harder” lifestyle.

Happy Wags,

Justin, Mandy, Judge, Hutch and Lennox

Family picture at Hounds Lounge