Let’s face it, washing your pup in your own bathtub is not something you look forward to. Hounds Lounge’s self-serve dog wash spa is the perfect alternative. Our self-wash spa removes the messy aftermath because you leave your mess with us.

We have raised tubs for your dog-bathing convenience, so no more hurting your back from all the bending over. Our facilities can accommodate dogs of all sizes. We provide towels, aprons, shampoos and conditioners, brushes, ear and eye wipes, and top-rated blow dryers. Take a peek at these facilities next time you come in for a day of doggie daycare (really, it’s paw-some).

All of our locations happily welcome walk-ins. DIY dog wash stations are first come, first serve and there is a one-hour time limit. Feel free to find a location nearest to you.

Luxury Dog Wash

No more wrestling with your dirty pooch to get clean! Hounds Lounge has elevated tubs so you no longer have to break your back, easy restraints to hold your pup in the tub, ramps for the bigger kids, and drop-in trays for the kids with short stature.

Everything You Need

We provide you with everything you need to have your pup smelling and looking their best — including a luxury line of spa shampoos & conditioners that not only smell amazing but are great for your pup’s skin. Your pup will also benefit from our deep-cleaning ear/eye/face wipes, brushes, towels, and blow dryers!

No Appointment Needed

Don’t let the dirty aftermath of a trip to the dog park make its way back to your home. Our DIY dog spa is the ideal solution! Our DIY washing stations are first-come, first-serve with no appointment needed – so stop by any time during our lobby hours.

Self-Serve Dog Wash Options & Rates



The Best Self-Serve Dog Bath in Arkansas

Hounds Lounge prides itself on providing owners and their pups with the best self-serve dog bath services possible! With locations in Little Rock, West Little Rock, North Little Rock, Bryant, and Fayetteville, we are able to accommodate pups across central Arkansas.

Simply walk in and get started washing your dog with our available equipment. We have elevated tubs of varying sizes that will accommodate all breeds, from Chihuahua to German Shepherd. Plus, we provide up and down ramps for canines that are larger than life and can’t easily be lifted. Say goodbye to aching backs and clogged drains from at-home baths!

Want that pooch to smell fantastic? We proudly offer SPA by Tropiclean for self-serve dog washing, because they use natural ingredients that are great for your bff’s coat and skin. You’ll find ingredients such as coconut, aloe, and papaya in every bottle! Once your furry friend is spic-and-span, it’s time to towel off and blow-dry. Finish the spaw experience with our complimentary eye and ear wipes for a complete clean!

You don’t have to feel bad about leaving your dirty dog mess with us. We’ll clean the tub, do the laundry, and see you on your way. That’s the beauty of the self-serve dog bath at Hounds Lounge. It’s designed to be easy on you, your pooch, your wallet, and especially your home!

Read our blog to learn more about our self-serve dog bath!

Self-Serve Dog Washing vs. Home Bathing

Bathing your canine at home can be an exhausting and grueling process. Large dogs don’t easily fit in a standard-sized bathtub and you have to stoop or bend down for long periods of time. Plus, after bathtime is over, you have to clean up puddles of water all over your home! Before you know it, hours have passed and your back is aching. For dog-owners that live in apartments, you may not even have access to a bathtub or backyard to wash your pup…

If your doggo needs some good ol’ scrubbing, Hounds Lounge self-serve dog washing is your go-to solution. Dogs feel at ease knowing their pawrents are overseeing their bathtime in a roomy, comfortable tub. Plus, a lot of pups love the one-on-one bonding with their owners as they are treated with premium, luxurious products! The best part? Just wash your pup and go! No clean-up required.

Getting the job done with a self-serve dog bath can be far more rewarding, safe, and enjoyable than at home. Find your nearest Hounds Lounge location to get started with self-serve dog washing. While you’re at it, don’t forget to explore our other offerings, like doggie daycare and overnight boarding.

The Benefits of Keeping Fido Clean

For optimal health, it’s crucial to keep your doggie fresh and clean. Dirt, parasites, and debris can impact your pet’s wellbeing and lead to chronic skin conditions. Some of these skin concerns include allergic dermatitis, hot spots, dandruff, and bacterial overgrowth. Not to mention, missing bathtime can cause inflammation and infection. Regular self-serve dog washing eliminates this build-up, resulting in a healthier and more energetic pooch.

As an owner, do you struggle with allergies? Keep your home free of excess dander, dust, and pollen with proper bathing and brushing of your pet! A monthly bath is ideal for most dogs. However, factors like breed, lifestyle, fur length, and coat density should be considered, so owners should speak to their vet for special recommendations. Overwashing your pooch can strip them of their much-needed natural oils, leading to dry, dull, and damaged fur. Balance is key with establishing your self-washing dog bath routines! Also, ensure you’re taking care of those other grooming needs, such as regular brushing, ear cleanings, and eye cleanings.

Don’t hesitate – Hounds Lounge is here to give the ultimate spaw experience at affordable rates.