Doggy daycare is every woof’s dream come true. However, it’s more than just an all-day pawty – there are many benefits of doggy daycare, for both dogs and hoomans!

Whether your fur child needs to run off some zoomies or make some new furriends, doggy daycare is a grrreat solution. It’s a treat for everyone involved, including the hooman pack at Hounds Lounge! We love spending our days with the sweetest, slobberiest campers, and it gives you some off-duty time as a pet parent. 

Benefits of doggy daycare for woofs:

  1. Your dog will get a workout
  2. Your dog will make furriends
  3. Can help with separation anxiety
  4. The spaw treatment
  5. Allll the attention

Benefits of doggy daycare for hoomans:

  1. The peace of mind
  2. The quiet time
  3. Get more bark for your buck
  4. Learn more about your dog
  5. Enjoy flexible hours

Read on for a breakdown of our top benefits of doggy daycare!

smiling Corgi

Is Doggy Daycare Right for Your Dog?

Doggy daycare is an excellent choice for your dog because it’s not one-size-fits-the-pack. At Hounds Lounge, we offer a variety of leash-free group play options based on each dog’s size and play style. That’s right, our campers do not stay cooped up in a kennel all day. Instead, they roam freely in the play yards that fit their needs. 

We understand that not every dog is a social butterfly. If your Fido is more of a lone wolf, they can enjoy our private retreat option!

Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Dogs

The list goes on and on, but here’s a pawful lot of reasons why your dog will benefit from doggy daycare!

dogs running together

1. Your Dog Will Get a Workout

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans! When your ‘lil buddy attends doggy daycare, they’ll be able to burn off some energy and get the physical activity they need to stay healthy. Along with exercise, they’ll also be mentally stimulated to keep their mind sharp as a claw!

After all that playing, your dog will sleep like a rock, which is good news for everyone.

dogs holding hands

2. Your Dog Will Make Furriends

Dogs are pack animals, so socialization is a must! Playing with other woofs makes your dog happy and well-adjusted. Plus, if your dog is shy, doggy daycare might help them come out of their coat!

3. Separation Anxiety Can Improve

One of the biggest issues for dogs is separation anxiety. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of doggy daycare is that your dog is never alone! Playing with new furriends is a welcome distraction from missing Mom and Dad, and it can help reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety over time.

Our daycare staff ensures that your pooch feels comfortable and loved when they’re away from home. If you get worried about your fur baby while they’re at daycare, you can always give us a call to find out how they’re doing.

dog getting bath

4. The Spaw Treatment is Available

Doggy daycare can provide much-needed pampering. Along with daycare and overnight stays, we also offer grooming services! You can take advantage of grooming while your floof is at daycare. Drop them off, and they can receive nail trims, baths, tooth brushings and more (even facials!), all in between play sessions!

The best part is doggy daycare is FREE on the days your dog has a grooming appointment.

5. Your Dog Will Get Allll the Attention

Your dog is used to a certain level of lovin’, right? Doggy daycare can match it! At Hounds Lounge, your dog is the reason why we’re here. Our staff keeps a watchful eye on group play and gives out a truckload of pets and belly rubs per day!

Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Hoomans

Now that you know how your floofer can benefit from doggy daycare, find out how it’s a doggone good time for you, too!

1. The Peace of Mind

When your pooch is at doggy daycare, you know they’re in good paws. We always put your woof’s safety first, and it’s comforting to know they aren’t home alone, destroying furniture or, even worse, feeling sad and scared.

dogs laying around

2. The Quiet Time

You’ve probably spent more quality time with your dog this year than ever before! We think that’s wonderful, but we also know that even the best of friends sometimes need a break. A day at doggy daycare is a grrreat way to give you and your dog some space and independence.

When you pick your fur baby up, you can get right back to being BFFs (Best Friends Furrever).

3. Get More Bark for Your Buck

You might think that doggy daycare is out of your price range, but it’s actually quite afurrdable! We created Hounds Lounge so that our fur children would have a happy, safe home away from home, and we want to share it with as many fur families as possible.Did we mention your dog’s first day of daycare is FREE? Find our doggie daycare options and rates here.

dogs looking at camera

4. Learn More About Your Dog

Doggy daycare helps you better understand your dog’s personality outside the home. As we mentioned above, the first day of doggy daycare at Hounds Lounge is complimentary and considered a temperament test. 

When you pick up your fur baby for the day, we’ll give you a full report that includes a temperament evaluation and who they best played with during their stay. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily photos of our campers! You might even spot a familiar furry face and get some real insight into what your woof is like on the loose.

5. Enjoy Flexible Hours

Life happens, and hoomans have responsibilities unrelated to their pets. Need to run errands? Is work holding you up? No problem. A great benefit of doggy daycare is that you can drop your fur child off as early as the lobby opens and pick them up as late as it closes. If you need to pick up your pooch outside of our lobby hours, you may be able to do so by making prior arrangements.

Get Fido Enrolled in Doggy Daycare!

dog in hat

The benefits of doggy daycare are truly endless, but don’t just take our woof for it! Enroll your fur child at Hounds Lounge and remember, the first day is free. We have campuses in Little Rock, North Little Rock, West Little Rock, and Fayetteville. Make a reservation or give us a bark about any questions here.

We can’t wait to see how your dog grows in doggy daycare – physically, mentally and emotionally. As we all know, a happy dog makes for a happy human. Get both of your tails wagging with a little help from doggy daycare!

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