Is Doggie Daycare Good for Dogs?

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It may be a pawpular trend at the moment, but is doggie daycare good for dogs?

Yes, doggie daycare is good for dogs, especially at Hounds Lounge, where we accommodate all dog breeds and temperaments! Keep reading to learn how your woof can reap the benefits of doggie daycare in a multitude of ways.

The Top 5 Ways Doggie Daycare Is Good for Dogs

Not only is doggie daycare a doggone good time, but it also offers health and wellness benefits. Check them out below.

1. Your Dog Can Burn Off Energy

Like hoomans, dogs need exercise to thrive, both physically and mentally. Doggie daycare is a great opportunity for pooches to put in a fun workout with furry friends so that they can relax when they get home!

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While physical activity is important for all dogs, some pooches need more playtime than others. You know the ones… They practically bounce off the walls if they sit still for too long! The following high-energy breeds are great candidates for doggie daycare:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Corgis
  • Dalmatians
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Border Collies
  • Poodles
  • Australian Shepherds
  • German Shepherds
  • Beagles
  • Russell Terriers

Doggie daycare allows these breeds to get the attention, playtime and interaction they need to be healthy and happy! And the same goes for any playful woof, whether you know their breed or not. If you can’t be with your high-energy dog all day, every day, doggie daycare is a great way to keep their mind and body occupied, and their tail wagging.

There’s no better way for a pooch to burn energy than to run around with their pack. At Hounds Lounge, we offer leash-free group play in our 5,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor play yards. It’s the perfect outlet for dogs to simply be dogs.

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2. Doggie Depression and Separation Anxiety Can Improve

Even though they bring so much light into our lives, dogs can experience dark moods. If they are left alone for too long or don’t feel mentally or physically stimulated, they can develop depression. Some dogs deal with separation anxiety, which causes them to become mildly to severely distressed when left alone. In our blog, How Doggie Daycare Can Help Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety, we write about the possible causes of separation anxiety:

Separation anxiety in your woof might be the result of numerous factors. Perhaps your doggo had a less than perfect upbringing before they came home to you, your abundant love and endless pampering. Approximately half of our beloved furbabies at Hounds Lounge are rescues, in which separation anxiety can be common.

In regards to your pooch’s development, he or she may have been removed from the litter before they were ready (it’s recommended they stay with the litter for at least 7 weeks after birth). Additionally, they may not have been given the appropriate puppy socialization they needed as a wee pup.

Newly formed separation anxiety could be caused by a change in environment or routine for your doggo. Perhaps you’ve moved homes, changed jobs or working hours, or a family member moved in or out of the house. This is known as conditional separation anxiety.

Furrtonately, doggie daycare can help dogs overcome their mental struggles. Playing with – and even just being around – other pooches is a great mood booster for depressed dogs. The routine, socialization and exercise offered by doggie daycare are great antidotes to separation anxiety.

At Hounds Lounge, we proudly offer high-quality care at affordable rates. However, if you aren’t sure whether or not doggie daycare is worth the price, consider the behaviors – including those that are destructive – of your anxious dog. The cost of property damage, such as a chewed-up couch or scratched doors, is surely more expensive than the cost of doggie daycare.

If your dog is dealing with depression or separation anxiety, any solution that helps them is worth it. You can’t put a price on Fido’s wellbeing!

3. Dog Experts Can Help with Medical Needs

Doggie daycare is a great way to put your woof’s health furrst. Some pooches need to take medicine, and pet pawrents may not always be available to give them their dosage. If this is the case for your fur fam, doggie daycare is a paw-some solution.

Worker Holding Puppy

At Hounds Lounge, our professional staff is experienced in administering medicine to dogs. Additionally, our staff is CPR and Pet First Aid certified. With us, any dog with medical needs is truly in the best hooman hands.

Our staff is on-site 24/7. If you need to leave your dog with us for overnight dog boarding, we can still administer their medication at the right time and keep a watchful eye on their health.

4. Your Dog is Placed in the Right Pack

Every dog deserves to experience the joys and furriendships of doggie daycare. At Hounds Lounge, the first day of daycare is complimentary and considered a temperament test. Once your pooch has been observed, they are placed in a group based on size and play style. In other words, we help your dog find their pack!

Howling Dogs

Hounds Lounge owner Mandy has seen doggie daycare work wonders for woofs’ social skills:

“One of the greatest parts of what we do at Hounds Lounge is teach a dog to be a dog. We have had many dogs visit the Lounge for the first time that have no idea how to socialize. Within a short few visits to Hounds Lounge, a dog can learn how to appropriately introduce themselves to new furriends, play nicely and most importantly build confidence with the assistance of our well-trained staff.”
-Mandy, Hounds Lounge Owner

If a dog is social but feeling a bit shy or skittish, our staff will calm their nerves before introducing them to other woofs. Our hooman team is constantly looking out for our campers, especially newbies who might be overwhelmed at first! If you ever worry about how your fur baby is doing at daycare, you can give us a call, and we’ll give you a report.

Of course, we realize that not all dogs are as social as others, so we offer a private retreat option for lone wolves. It’s still a great opportunity for them to get out of the house and enjoy lots of attention from adoring hoomans.

Doggie daycare is where it’s at for letting your dog make friends – both furry and hooman – in a controlled environment.

5. Pooches Become More Independent

If you work from home, you and your dog probably spend a lot of time together. It’s wonderful that you get so much bonding time, but too much togetherness can lead to separation anxiety – for both your dog and yourself!

Dog on Slide

It’s a good idea to spend at least a little time apart to avoid codependency. In our blog, Tips and Tricks for Leaving Your Dog at Home While at Work, we explain that:

Unlike most hooman jobs, doggie daycare doesn’t have to be your woof’s 9 to 5, five days a week. At Hounds Lounge, you can bring your pooch in for a full day or half day of daycare, as many or as few times a week as is necessary for your fur fam. It’s all about your schedule and your pup’s needs!

To prepare for doggie daycare, you should practice leaving your pooch alone for short periods of time, slowly increasing the time if your dog reacts well. If Fido can handle being by himself, he will love being with other pups!

Does doggie daycare sound like a grrreat option for your pooch? Get the scoop on joining our pack.

Is Doggie Daycare Good for Puppies?

Doggie daycare is good for puppies, because it’s a great way for them to socialize with dogs at an early age. But not too early. In order to join us at Hounds Lounge Doggie Daycare, your pup must be at least 14 weeks old and have all their vaccinations.

Curly Dog

Once they are old enough, doggie daycare provides invaluable exposure to and interaction with other dogs and hoomans. It’s important for puppies to be introduced to a variety of situations when they’re young. These experiences help them build confidence to face the unexpected without too much fear. In our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Socialization, we explain that:

Proper puppy socialization helps dogs avoid problem behaviors that may develop later in life, such as aggressiveness, destructiveness and disobedience. (No half-eaten shoes around here!) Successful socialization will help your fur baby grow into the lovable, furry companion that you have wanted all along. It will also help your new puppy to behave safely around family, friends, children, strangers, vets and other dogs.

On the topic of puppies making furriends, Hounds Lounge owner Mandy adds:

“Socialization from a young age is necessary to have a well-rounded dog, exposing them not only to new sounds, smells and furriends but most importantly to teach them how to communicate and play in a controlled environment with new furriends in a polite way. It’s too often that we see a young woof or a woof that was rescued from the streets, pulled from their littermates too early, and the results are poor socialization.”
-Mandy, Hounds Lounge Owner

While doggie daycare is helpful in your puppy’s development, you shouldn’t rush into it. In another puppy-focused blog of ours, Your Ultimate Guide to Puppy Daycare, we note that:

A day of doggie daycare should not be your puppy’s first big outing! That would be too much for such a little pup to handle. Before their first day of school, start introducing your puppy to a few of your friends and their fully vaccinated dogs. If all goes well with these interactions, doggie daycare is the next step. Woof, woof, hooray!

Impawtant Note: Even for adult dogs, it’s important to maintain socialization, as it’s a skill canines can lose over time. Regularly attending doggie daycare helps dogs of all ages stay social!

Real-Life Doggie Daycare Success Stories

The benefits of doggie daycare are fur real! At Hounds Lounge, we’ve helped campers overcome ruff times, find their best furriends and improve their behavior! Do you have a doggie daycare success story? Leave a comment on your usual Hounds Lounge location’s Facebook page: Riverdale, North Little Rock, West Little Rock or Fayetteville.

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Not All Doggie Daycares are Created Equal

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At Hounds Lounge, we pride ourselves in providing the safest environment possible for your dog. However, not every doggie daycare has our standards. When you are researching doggie daycares, look into their:

  • Health Requirements
    Any reputable staff should be able to tell you the requirements for staying and playing at a doggie daycare facility. It’s important that all campers are up-to-date on their immunizations, as this helps keep every pooch healthy. Hounds Lounge’s vaccine requirements are posted on our FAQ page.

Impawtant Note: The best way to see if doggie daycares are operating safely is to tour them and ask questions in person. Most doggie daycares offer tours, and, if they do not, we hope they have a good reason! Doggie daycares owe their customers and campers full transparency.

  • Safety and Emergency Protocols
    Make sure that the doggie daycare staff has training in dog handling and behavior, and that they have emergency protocols in place. You want your pooch to be safe no matter what!
  • Variety of Play
    Since all dogs are different, a variety of play options are necessary at doggie daycare. After conducting a temperament test, the team at Hounds Lounge places a dog in a play group based on its size and play style. We also offer private retreat options for dogs who aren’t social butterflies. These options make doggie daycare a great, worry-free experience for every dog!

Along with the points above, we also recommend reading online reviews of doggie daycares. It’s important to see firsthand – and firstpaw – accounts from real customers. It’s even better if you know someone whose dog attends a doggie daycare, because you can ask them about their experience!

3 Ways Doggie Daycare Can Benefit Pet Pawrents Too

Now that you know how doggie daycare can benefit Fido, it’s time to learn how it can benefit you: the hooman! Here’s a tidbit from our previous blog, Top Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Dogs and Their Humans:

1. The Peace of Mind

When your pooch is at doggie daycare, you know they’re in good paws. Hounds Lounge always puts your woof’s safety first, and it’s comforting to know they aren’t home alone, destroying furniture or, even worse, feeling sad and scared.

2. Learn More About Your Dog

Doggie daycare helps you better understand your dog’s personality outside the home. As we’ve mentioned above, the first day of doggy daycare at Hounds Lounge is complimentary and considered a temperament test.

When you pick up your fur baby for the day, we’ll give you a full report that includes a temperament evaluation and who they best played with during their stay.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily photos of our campers! You might even spot a familiar furry face and get some real insight into what your woof is like on the loose.

3. Enjoy Flexible Hours

Life happens, and hoomans have responsibilities unrelated to their pets. Need to run errands? Is work holding you up? No problem. A great benefit of doggie daycare is that you can drop your fur child off as early as the lobby opens and pick them up as late as it closes. If you need to pick up your pooch outside of our lobby hours, you may be able to do so by making prior arrangements.

Since there are so many benefits of doggie daycare for woofs and hoomans, why not give it a chance? Remember, the first day is FREE!

See You at Doggie Daycare

If you’ve been wondering about the hype and asking yourself “Is doggie daycare good for dogs?”, we hope we’ve cleared things up! Doggie daycare is a fun, safe and healthy place for dogs to spend their time away from you. At Hounds Lounge, we work hard to make it an amazing experience for each and every dog.

Dogs Playing Set

Most impawtantly, does doggie daycare sound good for your dog? If so, make a doggie daycare reservation now at any of our four locations!

Calling All Hounds Lounge Pawrents: Do you have a story of how doggie daycare has helped your pooch? Leave us a comment on Facebook. We’d love to share it in a future post!