Your Ultimate Guide to Puppy Daycare

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If there’s one thing we know about puppies, it’s that they grow up too fast! Before you know it, they’re ready to attend puppy daycare. It may feel hard to let them go, but, just like hooman children, puppies greatly benefit from “school.”

When you drop your fur kid off at Hounds Lounge Doggie Daycare, you can rest assured they’re in good hands. Keep reading to get the scoop on puppy daycare and the pawsitive effects it can have on your little one!

Health and Safety is Our #1 Priority

Furrst and furrmost, you should know that your puppy’s health and safety are our top priority at Hounds Lounge. This is why our age requirements are a bit higher than some other doggie daycares you may find. We only accept puppies who are 14 weeks old and have received all their vaccinations at least two weeks prior to daycare attendance.

Our strict policy was formed to protect your puppy from disease. According to the American Kennel Club, young puppies, as well as unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated dogs, are the most at risk for contracting parvo. Our age and vaccine requirements prevent parvo from entering our play yard.

Because our pack is full of healthy hounds, The Lounge is a safe and fun place for your baby to start making furriends!

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The Top Two Benefits of Puppy Daycare

1. Puppy Socialization

What is puppy socialization?

Puppy socialization is the process of introducing your fur child to new experiences early in life. Those include people, places and pooches! Puppy socialization is a great way to help your tiny fluff ball grow into a well-behaved woof.

When your pup is exposed to a variety of situations at a young age, they build confidence to face the unexpected without too much fear. This helps them avoid problem behaviors that can develop later in life, such as aggressiveness, destructiveness and disobedience.

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How can puppy daycare help?

At Hounds Lounge Doggie Daycare, your puppy can get the socialization they need to become an all-around good boy or girl! Whether it’s getting belly rubs from our dog-loving hoomans or running around with dogs they’ve just met, your puppy will always come home with new experiences under their collar. 

Additionally, we separate our doggos into play groups based on size and play style, so your puppy will only run with pooches they’re compatible with.

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Impawtant Note!

A day of doggie daycare should not be your puppy’s first big outing! That would be too much for such a little pup to handle. Before their first day of school, start introducing your puppy to a few of your friends and their fully vaccinated dogs. If all goes well with these interactions, doggie daycare is the next step. Woof, woof, hooray!

2. Separation Anxiety Relief

What is separation anxiety?

Canine separation anxiety is a condition that causes dogs to become mildly to severely distressed when left alone. Naturally, this can lead to destructive and harmful behavior, such as chewing household items or injuring themselves. Many dogs – even puppies – suffer from separation anxiety.

There is no single cause for separation anxiety in puppies. Maybe the puppy was separated from the litter before they were ready. Maybe they were abandoned at a shelter. Or maybe they simply haven’t had to spend much time alone due to their pet parents – like so many others – currently spending a lot of time at home.

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How can puppy daycare help?

If your puppy is showing signs of separation anxiety, doggie daycare can be a grrreat solution. At Hounds Lounge, our well-trained staff addresses your puppy’s anxiousness and soothes them before letting them loose with their classmates. 

Being with other dogs and hoomans helps anxious puppers avoid being alone. But doggie daycare actually does even more to help relieve separation anxiety. 

Familiarity and consistency help dogs feel secure. By taking your puppy to doggie daycare regularly, you create structure in their routine. Puppy daycare also allows your young pup to burn off energy and get the exercise they need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Over time, all this group play and fun can lead to reduced separation anxiety symptoms.

Impawtant Note!

It’s best to slowly build up your puppy’s doggie daycare attendance. You might consider starting them off at a couple half days a week (6 hours or less), then work toward a couple full days a week (6 hours or more) with convenient drop-off and pick up times. You can see all of our doggie daycare options and rates here.

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Get Your Puppy Enrolled!

If your puppy could use some socialization, anxiety relief, or just some doggone good fun, get them enrolled in Hounds Lounge Doggie Daycare. Their first day is FREE and considered a temperament test! You’ll receive a report on your doggo’s behavior and who they played with best on day one.

Click here to create your fur baby’s pet profile. Once their profile is complete, you will request your puppy’s first day of play, which will alert our hoomans to contact your vet for vaccine verification. From there, we will either send you a confirmation email or notify you of what vaccines are still required. 

Please allow 48-72 hours for us to confirm vaccines or upload copies to the pet profile.

For their first day of school, we encourage puppies to arrive within the first hour after the lobby opens so they can slowly make new furriends throughout morning drop-off. See our locations and lobby hours here.

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It can be ruff to let your little woof go play with the big fur kids, but just know, it’s helping him (or her) develop into a happy, loving dog. And you don’t have to take our bark for it – check out our reviews on Facebook!