If you’ve recently moved to Arkansas with your dog, or you’re a resident considering getting a pooch, it’s a good idea to look into Arkansas dog laws. We know what you’re thinking: Laws for dogs, really? While the concept of dog laws might seem a little silly, they are actually a very important safety measure. 

What are dog laws? Why are dog laws important? Dog laws are in place to protect not only humans but also pooches. Most dog laws focus on ensuring adequate care and preventing dog abuse, and we can all agree that those are pawsitive goals!

At Hounds Lounge Pet Resort and Spa, we want to help make your research easier, so we’ve dug up 8 dog laws in Arkansas that might surprise you. But first, test your knowledge of Arkansas dog laws with our quiz: Could You Be a Dog Lawyer?

Study Up on These 8 Dog Laws in Arkansas

  1. It is illegal for your dog to bark after 6 p.m. in Little Rock.

What the howl? You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that this law gets broken every night…

Dog following Arkansas dog laws
  1. In several cities, it is legal to own a wolf-dog hybrid but not a Pitbull.

Shocking, right? Just know that at Hounds Lounge, we will happily accept your Pitties.

Concerned about your dog playing with certain breeds? We keep our play yards as safe as pawsible by separating our campers by size and play style. A woof’s first day of doggie daycare is free and considered a temperament test to ensure they are a good fit for our pack!

  1. In Fort Smith, a dog must not be leashed at home for more than 2 hours.

Really, why should your pooch be leashed at home at all? If you live in Fort Smith and don’t feel comfortable letting Fido roam free unattended, make the one-hour drive to Hounds Lounge Fayetteville, where he can play all day with furriends at doggie daycare. Our professionally-trained staff is on-site 24/7!

Hounds Lounge follows Arkansas dog laws
  1. All dogs must be licensed and have current rabies vaccinations.

This is an impawtant one. Rabies vaccinations are required at Hounds Lounge, along with other vaccines that protect woofs from preventable illnesses. Furr example, we require that our campers get the Bordetella vaccine to keep them from getting or spreading kennel cough. Check out our FAQs for more vaccine information.

When a pooch gets their rabies shot at the vet, they will often receive their license as well. Make sure your dog wears their license number on a tag in case they ever get lost. This number allows animal control or a shelter to quickly identify your woof and get them back home safely.

  1. In most Arkansas cities, you can only own four dogs – except for Fayetteville!

Who knew there were dog laws on how many woofs you can own? It makes sense when you consider how much care is involved for even a single pooch. The law differs in Fayetteville, where you can own one dog for every 100 square feet of your home. However, we don’t recommend this. Nobody needs 20 dogs in a 2,000 square foot house!

No worries about the confinement law at Hounds Lounge
  1. Confinement laws vary by municipality: In several cities, dogs cannot be tethered to a fixed point.

Hey, we get it. We aren’t fans of woofs being chained up or tethered to a fixed point. In Stuttgart, dogs can only be tethered or on a trolley system with owner supervision… so at least they aren’t alone? 

Again, if you need a safe place for your dog to run free, take them to one of our five Hounds Lounge locations! Doggie daycare and dog boarding are always big hits, and even our grooming appointments come with a complimentary day of play in our cage-free indoor/outdoor play yards. There’s no reason for Fido to be cooped up.

  1. Sanitation laws: In most cities, it’s actually a public offense to allow your dog to relieve themself on property other than your own.

Don’t be that neighbor. Avoid breaking dog laws and bring poop bags on walks. Number one can also fall under this law, so try to avoid pee breaks in other peoples’ yards, especially the mailbox as that will encourage other pooches to add to the pee-mail.

  1. Bite Laws: Arkansas applies the One Bite Rule.

As a pet owner, you should know your dog better than anyone. Avoid dog bite incidents by slowly testing out your dog’s temperament and finding their limits.

Keep these dog laws in mind, and don’t be an outlaw… or the sheruff will have to bring you downtown!

No Barkin’ the Law for You

If you made it this far, you deserve an honorary degree in dog laws! Thank you for reading – it’s important to know these dog ownership laws before bringing a pooch into an Arkansas home. If you have any questions about being a pet pawrent in The Natural State, please reach out to us! Hounds Lounge is locally-owned and has served Arkansans since 2016.

After reading this blog, you can see that safety plays a major role in a dog’s quality of life. At Hounds Lounge, we prioritize safety and provide your dog with the absolute best care pawsible. We’re here to make your life easier and your dog’s life even happier! Whether your woof needs some socialization, relief from separation anxiety or just a day of fun, bring them to Hounds Lounge. Make a reservation now.

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