Have you been thinking to yourself, “What are fun things to do with my dog in Bryant?” Hounds Lounge Pet Resort and Spa is here to help! 

We might be new residents of Saline County – our Bryant location opened in December 2022 – but we are no strangers to the area! Locally-owned by dog lovers, we started in Little Rock, where we’ve been serving Bryant doggos for years with our doggy daycare, overnight dog boarding, dog grooming and DIY dog washes. Now, Bryant pooches don’t have to make the drive to our Little Rock locations, because their home away from home is even closer to home – at 519 W Commerce St., to be exact.

Hounds Lounge Bryant Entrance

While Hounds Lounge Bryant is definitely the hottest spot in town, there are plenty of other things to do with your dog in Bryant (and Benton!) that will get their tail waggin’. Let’s dig into the best dog friendly activities and attractions Saline County has to offurr you and your pooch.

Dog Parks 

If Fido needs to blow off some steam and feel the wind in his fur, visit a dog park in Bryant or Benton! Check out these two pawpular dog parks in Saline County.

Things to do with my dog at Bryant bark park

Photo courtesy of the Bryant Parks Department

Bryant Bark Park

Located at the front of the Alcoa 40 Park at 1110 Shobe Road, the Bryant Bark Park is easy to access and easy to love! It’s open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset and features a large parking lot, water fountains, benches and picnic tables. There are two separate play areas for large dogs (over 25 pounds) and small dogs (under 25 pounds). Additionally, the park was designed to be well-shaded – but you should still wear your sunscreen!

Heads up: During the winter months, water is not available in the drinking fountains. Be sure to bring your own water with you!

Riverside Dog Park

Benton’s premier dog park, located at 924 Fairfield Road, offers separate areas for large and small dogs, as well as play equipment, benches and a water fountain! If hoomans get a little too hydrated, there are restrooms nearby.

But wait, there’s more! Get the scoop on all the best dog parks in Arkansas – including the ones in nearby Little Rock!

Things to Do with My Dog at the Dog Park

Whether your pooch wants to play fetch, make furriends or sunbathe, there’s no shortage of dog friendly activities at the dog park. Dog parks are a wonderful opportunity for you to let your dog run off-leash, especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have a large yard for them to play in. They’re also a place where your woof can socialize with other dogs and new humans, which is beneficial in giving your pooch a well-balanced personality. 

Playing fetch at the park in Bryant

Sometimes, it’s also good to have a change of scenery! If you’re working on training your dog, have a session at a dog park. It’s good for them to test their skills in an environment that’s outside of their usual space and full of distractions. This helps Fido learn to follow your commands no matter the setting. Just be sure to bring training treats… and pack enough to share with all the furriends you’ll make at the dog park!

Need some training inspiration? Try out these five cool tricks to teach your dog!

Dog Friendly Trails

It’s hard to beat spending quality time with your pooch while also enjoying nature! When you’re thinking “things to do with my dog?,” think about visiting a walking trail in Bryant or Benton!

Mills Park

Mills Park has been a fixture of Bryant since 1971, with offerings for the whole family, including a playground, tennis courts, a biking trail and a pet friendly walking trail. The 1.5-mile paved walking trail with ample tree coverage is a great way to get your dog and kids movin’. Leashes are required for woofs!

Sunset Lake Walkway

If you want to take in gorgeous views while getting in a brisk walk with Fido, visit the Sunset Lake Walkway in Benton! The 1-mile loop trail is flat, wrapping around the lake, and leashed dogs are welcome to take in all the sights and sounds.  

Hiking is also one of the best dog friendly activities! While there aren’t really any hiking trails in Bryant, Hot Springs is just a short drive away! In fact, all 26 miles of the Hot Springs National Park trails are dog-friendly

There are also grreat walking and hiking trails in Little Rock, which we list in our blog, The Best Dog Friendly Places in Little Rock.

Things to Do with My Dog on Trails

Looking for all-natural dog friendly activities? Trails are great for mental stimulation, socialization, exercise and just letting a dog be a dog!

Things to do with my dog at Mills Park in Bryant

When you’re on a trail with your pooch, be sure to let ‘em stop and smell the roses. It’s an enrichment activity in the truest form! However, when you’re on a trail, we do recommend that you keep your pooch on a leash, even if they are allowed off. Nature is unpredictable, and you don’t want your pooch to get loose in it!

Some trails offer water access – if your pooch is a fan of splashing around and they’re permitted to get in the water, let them enjoy the knee-deep experience. Don’t let them do any actual swimming unless you pack a dog life jacket and extra-long leash (because yes, they should be leashed even if they’re swimming).

If you want your pooch to carry their own load on a hiking or walking trail, there are accessories they can wear to hold water, poop bags, etc. Dog hiking packs are super cute and super efficient! Additionally, just like hoomans wear wrist and ankle weights, pooches can wear weighted vests to help them get even more of a workout.

You can also protect your pooch’s paws with a snazzy pair of dog booties.

Dog Friendly Stores

If you’re asking yourself “what are things to do with my dog?” and shopping comes to mind, check out these dog friendly stores in Bryant, Benton and the surrounding area!

Red Door Dog Boutique

Need to do some shopping for both dogs and hoomans? Pack up Fido and head to Red Door Dog Boutique in Bryant, a dog-themed retail store and dog barkery! The shop offers homemade cookies and cakes for dogs, dog toys and treats, as well as dog-themed merchandise for hoomans! They have also partnered with a certified canine massage therapist, who takes appointments at the boutique.

People Stores

Stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Harbor Freight are generally pet friendly, but the policies may differ by location. You should call these stores ahead of time and ask before rolling up with Fido! 

Tractor Supply in Benton is dog friendly – they even carry dog food and lots of other pet merchandise, making it a grreat place to bring Fido. The Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock is pet friendly and located close to the county line, making it an easy destination for dog owners in Bryant and Benton. It’s a fun place for pooches to visit, because employees love to hand out dog treats! In the past, the store has offered dog friendly activities like photos with Santa. 

Pet Stores

It’s no surprise that pet stores are pet friendly. The next time you need to pick up Fido’s dog food at PetSmart or Petco in Benton, bring him into the store with you! 

Things to Do with My Dog in a Pet Store

A pet store is the ideal store to bring your dog, because dogs are expected to come in – at least at chain retailers. Places like PetSmart and Petco are prepared for leashed furry visitors. They have hard floors for easy mess clean-up, employees who likely enjoy the company of woofs, and no delicate merchandise that pooches could dirty or break. Pet store shoppers are mostly pet parents who are aware that they might encounter a dog in the store, so you don’t have to worry about people reacting negatively to you shopping with your dog.

Things to do with my dog at pet stores in Bryant

When you bring Fido to the pet store, it helps him gain socialization. In our blog, How to Socialize an Adult Dog and Why It’s Never Too Late, we define dog socialization as “the process of making your pooch feel comfurrtable in the presence of other dogs, around new people, and in unfamiliar environments and situations.” A pet store offers all of these experiences!

What’s a pooch’s favorite part of going to a pet store? Picking out toys and treats! When you go to a pet store together, you can let Fido guide you to the toy or treat he’s most interested in. That’s not something you can do at most other shops!

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Bryant and Benton are home to some incredible, dog friendly restaurant patios! As far as dog friendly activities go, these are the most delicious.

Dog friendly restaurants in Bryant

Salem Dairy Bar

If you want a frosty treat or a juicy burger, drop by the Salem Dairy Bar in Benton! It’s a grreat spot to bring Fido, because you never have to step foot indoors. You order at a walk-up window, then either take your food home or enjoy it on the restaurant patio.

U.S. Pizza Co

The U.S. Pizza Co. in Bryant offers a large, shaded patio that’s dog friendly! They even provide water for thirsty, furry guests. It’s the pawfect place to relax with friends, family and Fido.

Copper Mule Table & Tap

Copper Mule Table & Tap is a local favorite of humans and dogs alike! The menu boasts delicious drinks and Cajun cuisine, along with sandwich and burger options. The patio is a grreat place to hang out with your pooch and will shoot to the top of your list of “things to do with my dog.”

Speakeasy Cafe

Enjoy coffee, breakfast or lunch with your dog on the Speakeasy Cafe’s patio! Their menu items will have both you and Fido drooling (hello, breakfast tacos).

Things to Do with My Dog on a Restaurant Patio

While there aren’t a ton of dog friendly activities to partake in at a restaurant, you can use the time and space to “paws” and put your dog’s training to the test! They should be on a leash at all times, but go ahead and work on your “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” and “come” commands, as well as “settle” if they get a bit overstimulated.

At a public place like a restaurant, people are bound to pet your dog – whether they have your permission or not. If you’re looking for that kind of exposure, a restaurant patio is the place to go. If Fido doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, he might need to stay home.

Things to Do with My Dog in Bryant: Take them to Hounds Lounge!

The biggest bark of the town in Benton and Bryant is Hounds Lounge! We are so excited to be in Saline County and serve new fur families as well as the ones we’ve known and loved for years. Hounds Lounge offers dog friendly activities that will make Fido jump for joy and give pet parents peace of mind.

Doggy Daycare

If you need to get out and run errands, you can drop your pooch off at Hounds Lounge, where they’ll have a pawsome time! Our doggy daycare campers get to run off-leash in our 5,000+ sq. ft. indoor/outdoor play yards. We separate pooches by size and play style, and the first day of doggy daycare is FREE and considered a temperament test. Learn more in our blog, How Do I Know If My Dog Likes Doggy Daycare?

Play yard at Hounds Lounge Bryant

Overnight Stays

If you need a vacation, your pooch probably needs one too. With our all-day play and private, luxury suites for snoozing, Hounds Lounge is the pawfect getaway for any woof. We also boast 24/7 on-site staff, so your dog is never left alone! If you’d like to check out our facilities and meet our staff, give us a call and we’ll set up a tour.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

When you think “fun things to do with my dog,” bath time probably doesn’t come to mind. However, with our self-serve dog wash stations, bath time just got a whole lot easier! We have raised tubs for your dog-bathing convenience, and we provide all the tools and products you’ll need to get Fido squeaky-toy clean. Plus, bathing your dog is a grreat bonding and trust-building activity – even if you do get a little wet in the process.

Professional Dog Grooming

Does your pooch need a spa day? We’ve got you covered. Drop ‘em off for a day of dog grooming. We offer services ranging from baths to full-service grooms to luxury add-ons like blueberry facials and pawdicures! We can also handle the maintenance grooming jobs you may not want to DIY. Your list of “fun things to do with my dog” probably doesn’t include toothbrushing or nail trims, so we can take those off your plate.

Enjoy the Dog Friendly Activities Near You

There’s plenty of dog friendly fun to be had in Bryant and Benton! Saline County is a pooch’s pawadise – get out there and start working on your list of “favorite things to do with my dog.” We hope Hounds Lounge makes the list!

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