Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

In the height of the Arkansas summer, it can be doggone hot for us humans and sweltering for our furry family members. Keeping your dog cool will help them stay ultra comfortable this summer so they can enjoy the summer rays, weekend vacays, and the good ole dog days. Read on to discover some great ideas to treat your pup and stay cool and safe! 

Dog drinking ice cold water at hounds lounge pet resort

Serve Up Abundant Ice-Cold Water

Doggos love to stay cool by drinking a lot of ice cold water after going on a walk or playing with their favorite fur buds. Make sure that your beloved four-legged fam has ample cold, fresh water to drink this summer. If you believe your canine isn’t drinking enough water, there are other fun ways to make sure that they stay hydrated this summer. 

Husky having a pupsicle

Make Some Chop-Lickin’-Good Pupsicles 

Homemade pupsicles are the perfect way to treat your furbaby to a refreshing summer treat while helping them stay cool on a hot day. Try this recipe for easy, two ingredient pupsicles that your dog (and his pack) with love all summer long.

Banana & Peanut Butter Pupsicles

  1. Slice up 4 ripe bananas and freeze. Feed your pup a bite ‘cause he’s so cute. 
  2. Puree bananas until smooth in a blender or food processor.
  3. Add in one cup of peanut butter and blend until well-mixed.
  4. Divide the soft serve mixture into 4 large paper cups (or more, smaller cups if your doggo is small) and freeze. For extra cuteness, add a dog biscuit as the stem to make it a true pupsicle. 
  5. Serve your furbaby a pupsicle by removing the paper cup first. (Best do this outside in the shade – it will get messy!)

Golden Retriever playing in kiddie pool

A Must for Keeping Your Dog Cool: Have a Pool Pawty

If you’re lucky enough to have a water-loving furbaby, consider getting a portable kiddie pool to let your hound lounge in during the hot summer days. Fill up the pool enough to keep their underside wet and cool. To keep your doggo safe, never allow him or her to swim unattended in a pool with water above their shoulders. Our woofs at Hounds Lounge agree that this is one of the best ways to stay cool! 

Bonus: Have a pool pawty on the weekend, invite their fur friends over, and serve pupsicles for the ultimate, pup-tastic celebration. 

Standard Poodle sitting on the couch at Hounds Lounge Arkansas

Keep Your Doggo Inside During the Day

Midday heat can pose health risks to your dog bestie. Cars can quickly climb to 140+ degrees Fahrenheit, so never leave him or her in a parked car. Sidewalks and asphalt can heat up enough to burn your puppy’s cute paws, so avoid going on walks in the heat of the summer days. Instead, surprise them with a cool, refreshing w-a-l-k earlier in the morning hours or wait until the sun has fallen enough for the air and sidewalks to cool off. If you’re on a tight schedule, Hounds Lounge offers indoor play yards for when us humans have to go to work. 

Dog laying on cool floor inside

Make Your Home Extra Cool and Comfy

Our fur friends need special treatment in the summer heat so make sure your home or apartment feels great to your doggo. Leave a fan running for your pups during the day or turn it on immediately after time spent outside. They’ll happily perch in front of it while they pant to cool off at super-doggo speeds. You can also make sure that your furbabies have ample cool places to lay. A cool tile floor in the kitchen will work perfectly to help your pup chill out. 

Send Your Pooch to Doggie Daycare at Hounds Lounge

The Arkansas summer days can be so long and hot that you may want a break from the heat. Hounds Lounge offers indoor play yards with kiddie pools to play in, treats galore, and tons of other fur friends to make. Consider sending your pup to daycare when you’re planning on having an extra long day, need a break from regular w-a-l-k-s, or just want to treat your beloved pup. Remember, you can also schedule a day at the spa for your furbabe so they come home with our signature Hounds Lounge hangover after a day of play as well as a fresh bath. Simply enjoy the sleepy cuddles afterwards!

By making a few special accomodations for your beloved pups, you can be sure that they are safe and love every minute of their summer fun. From pool pawties to pupsicles, the summer can be just as fun, safe, and exciting as any other time of the year.