Our DIY Dog Wash Explained

Dog owner giving their pup a DIY dog wash

Washing your doggo is probably not the most enjoyable thing you can think to do in your free time. But smelly, dirty dogs happen – usually more frequently than we’d like!

A DIY Dog Wash Designed with You and Your Pup in Mind

Puppy dog wrapped up in a towel at Hounds Lounge

We know that your drains take a beating every time your pooch gets in the tub, your back hurts after you give your pup a good scrubbing and, for our apartment dwellers, you may not even have a tub.

Enter the DIY dog wash: the perfect place to bring your dirty dog, pay a nominal fee, and reap the benefits of our facilities, a clean woof, and an unscathed home bathroom. We think that’s pretty pawesome.

Here’s How Our DIY Dog Wash Works:

Bulldog ready for a diy bath inside of raised tub

Show up at any time that we’re open with the filthiest furball you can muster.

You don’t need an appointment to use our DIY dog wash facilities as long as our lobby is open. Simply pay for the hour of washing your own dog and find a tub height that works well for your pooch. We have tubs of all sizes that will fit your Yorkie or your Bullmastiff. For the big boys in the house, we have easy up and down ramps to get your woof into our tubs comfortably and safely – without having to lift them.

You’ll want to choose a tub that you can scrub your pooch while standing up with bent elbows. This will help you take any strain off your back and reduce scrunching down. Washing your dog doesn’t have to be painful or exhausting.

1. Choose your favorite shampoo and conditioner scents

Clean pup after a bath at Hounds Lounge

Just like a human spa, we offer multiple shampoo and conditioner options so you can choose the one you like the best. We even have a manly scent for the guys (pup or human).

We proudly offer SPA by Tropiclean because they use natural ingredients that are great for your bff’s coat and skin. You’ll find ingredients such as coconut, aloe, and papaya on the back of the bottles.

You can be sure that any dog products in Hounds Lounge are safe, healthy, and luxurious for our four-legged pals. Who doesn’t like to spoil their dog?

2. Splish-splash: Let’s take that bath

Now that you’re supplied with everything that you’ll need to make your doggo squeaker-toy clean, let’s get started! If your dog especially despises baths, we have collars to help them stay in place while you scrub away all those layers of dogs-being-dogs grunge.

Hounds Lounge is designed to accommodate plenty of wet dog shakes and hair, so it’s perfectly okay that Fido shook and got water all over the floor. (It’s also okay if you miss your dog with the spray wand and got it all over the floor but still blamed your pooch anyway).

3. Towel off and blow-dry for glamorous looks

Use a couple of our abundant spa towels to dry off your furbabe (quick – before they shake again). Take advantage of our eye and ear wipes for a deep clean, as well as our cleaned and sanitized brushes. Once you’re done cleaning and brushing, you can use our top-of-the-line blow dryers to dry off your pooch before they go nuts from being wet.

4. Wa-La! One sparkling-clean doggo and your home is left untouched

Sparkling clean golden retriever mix at hounds lounge

You don’t have to feel bad about leaving your dirty dog mess with us. We’ll clean up the tub, do the laundry and see you on your way. That’s the true beauty of the DIY dog wash spa at Hounds Lounge. It’s designed to be easy on you, your pooch, your wallet, and especially your home!

Check out our facilities next time you come in for doggie daycare or stop by any time we’re open; walk-ins are always welcome! Find a location near you today.