Sydney - Fayetteville Manager

Meet Our Reservation Specialist, Sydney

My Hounds Lounge journey began in May 2016—2 months before opening our first location in Little Rock, Arkansas. Now, almost 4 years and 3 Hounds Lounges later, I manage our Fayetteville location and call Northwest Arkansas my home.

Favorite Part of Her Job

My favorite part of being part of this company is seeing how far we’ve come and knowing I played an essential part in Hounds Lounge’s growth! To say I’m excited for what the future holds is an understatement and I am very thankful to Justin and Mandy for everything. They’ve created a culture I’m proud to be part of.

Meet Sydney’s Dogs

Technically, I have over 1000 dogs—at home I have 3! Heidi is a 14-year-old long-haired, bossy Dachshund. Elliott is a 5-year-old Great Dane and Owen is a 5-year-old Wire-Pointer Poodle mix.