Brighton, Riverdale manager

Meet Our Riverdale Manager, Brighton

I started working at Hounds Lounge in 2020 when I first moved to Arkansas, I began in the play yard getting to know all the pups before moving to the front desk in the summer. There, I got to put faces to all the parents of some of my favorite pups! Now, I’ll be managing Riverdale part-time while still working reception.

Favorite Part of Her Job

My favorite part of my job is all the different bonds I’ve built with so many different dogs here, as well as their parents! I love getting to watch them arrive at Hounds Lounge and how excited the pups are, flying through our doors to let us love on them before they head back to see all their friends!

Meet Brighton’s Dog

I have a rescue Australian Shepherd/Heeler mix named Ryker. I’ve had her since she was about 6 months old and I’d like to think she’s as obsessed with me as I am with her!