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  • Tour The Facility
  • Confirm There Are a Variety of Play Options
  • Gather The Necessary Paperwork

Whether you’re going on a fun in the sun family vacation, or your weekly business trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your furry friend. Traditionally, your only option was to board your sweet fur baby at a dog kennel, but kennel boarding is not always the best option for you or your pup. Here are the top three dog boarding tips to look for when considering kenneling your dog in Arkansas, and why at Hounds Lounge we do things differently:

Things to look for before choosing a dog kennel facility


Dog boarding kennels are unfortunately notorious for cramped quarters and not always holding the best cleanliness standards. Your dog can’t send an SOS-text while you’re on vacation, which brings us to the first of our dog boarding tips: We believe it’s incredibly important to personally tour the dog boarding and kenneling facilities before making a reservation. The facility should be spotlessly clean, and the staff should be very well-trained.

A few things to look out fur:

  • Are there any hazardous chemicals or objects your pup can get into while exploring?
  • Are messes/accidents cleaned up immediately or do they go ignored for hours?
  • What are the employees’ attitudes like? Do they seem excited to be there and interact with all the furiends or are they annoyed that they even have to be there?

At Hounds Lounge, we’re staffed 24/7, unlike a traditional dog boarding kennel which usually shuts its lights off at 6pm, and doesn’t return until the next day. We also welcome you to stop by between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to see the pup-play in action and check out our luxury suites. We’re happy to show you the facility and we’re pawsitive you will also be greeted by welcoming, slobbery kisses from our Hounds Lounge pack. No boarding kennel here, just cozy suites and indoor and outdoor play, all day long. Come visit the pack at any of our locations:

Doggy Daycare in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Fayetteville Arkansas Basset Hound on hind legs getting a treat from a Hounds Lounge staff member Doodle mix sitting at front desk of Hounds Lounge


Most boarding and dog kenneling facilities do not provide open play options. Usually, your dog is kept in a kennel and then let out for leashed walks for a set number of times per day. In addition to this, the kennels that do provide more play options don’t provide a temperament test or grouping per size for your sweet pup. This brings us to number two, on our dog boarding tips list: Make sure there are plenty of opportunities for play.

Dogs are pack animals. They like to socialize and have plenty of mental stimulation. But, it’s also important that every pup is safe.  As a top dog boarding facility in Arkansas, Hounds Lounge, your pup can participate in a full day of exercise and socialization – instead of being stuck in a cage all day. We separate our dog daycare packs by size and play-style so that everyone remains safe.

Maybe your fur baby thinks they’re a human and can’t be bothered by the other pups. They’ll be best suited for our private retreat option, which is perfect for dogs who don’t do well in social settings. When it’s time for you to pick up your fur baby, we’ll give you a full report that includes a temperament evaluation and who they best played with during their stay.

Great Dane laying down in private dog boarding suite at hounds lounge arkansas


At reputable dog boarding kennels, you’ll be asked to provide your furry friend’s vaccination records. If a kennel takes your pup without requiring vaccination records, they are most likely doing the same for others who may be sick or carrying a disease your pup can catch too. Last, but not least, on our dog boarding tips list is making sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

While rabies is the only legally-required vaccine, many facilities will require your pet to have more. We want our furry guests to be happy and healthy during their stay, so we make sure all the main health concerns across Arkansas are taken care of. Check out our FAQ page to find out which vaccines are required and how to send over the records.

At Hounds Lounge, you don’t have to feel guilty for leaving your pup behind. With group play, a private luxury suite with turn-down service, and around-the-clock care, your furry friend may end up having a better vacation than you planned for yourself!

If you enjoyed our top three dog boarding tips list headover to our more in depth list for choosing the right kennel!

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