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Every day at Hounds Lounge is a pawty, and our team is here to keep the good times going! Have you ever thought to yourself, “What kind of dog breed am I?” Well lucky you! We compiled our best and funniest doggo pictures from all of our Hounds Lounge locations to bring you the ultimate “What Dog Am I” quiz. You can take the quiz below, look for your pooch while you answer the questions and share your results on social media with your pack.

Itching for more? Learn about the other breeds in our “What Dog Am I?” quiz:

You are a German Shepherd

German Shepherd

You’re a German Shepherd. Known for your work hard, play harder mindset, you are guided by your inner drive to do great at anything you put your mind to! You are committed to your causes, beliefs and your inner circle of friends and family. Your pack can always depend on you at a moments notice.

Golden Doodle

Bold, sassy and furrociously social, you are a Goldendoodle! You are a high-energy extrovert who wants to run with the pack day and night. If being yourself was a sport, you’d be a gold medalist – while looking like a million bucks, of course.

You are a mutt


You cannot be bound by labels – you’re a mutt! Mixing the best of all the breeds, you have a pawsome personality…and loads of it! Your adaptability, loving nature, fierce loyalty and, well, everything else make you uniquely YOU!

French Bulldog

Small, cute and quiet – you’re a French Bulldog. A rare breed, you enjoy the little things such as quiet mornings and walks with your pack. Your easy-going attitude makes you liked by many and adored by those closest to you.

Did you enjoy the “What Type of Dog am I Quiz?” Find out if you made the top 10 most popular dog breeds list?

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