How to Find Dog Events Near Me in Arkansas

Spring is the pawfect time of year to start looking for “dog events near me.” The longer days and cooler temperatures give you a grreat opportunity to include your dog in more activities and branch out in your community! Dog-centric events, as well as dog-friendly events, are beneficial not only for dogs but their hoomans too. Getting out of the house together is a fun and easy way to bond with your fur child.

In this blog, we’ll explain why you should attend dog events, we’ll cover different types of dog events and we’ll give you tips on how to find “dog events near me!”

If you’ve been searching for upcoming dog events in Central Arkansas, you’re in luck! One of our favorite events, Barkus on Main, is happening on Sunday, April 7th from noon to 5:00 p.m. in downtown Little Rock. Barkus on Main is Little Rock’s largest Mardis Gras dog event of the year, complete with a dog parade, a beer garden, a hurricane station, gumbo, a crawfish boil, local vendors and plenty of beads. Because this year’s event is the day before the eclipse, the theme is Bark Side of the Moon!

Hounds Lounge is the presenting sponsor of Barkus on Main, and we’d be over the moon – pun intended – to see you and Fido there! Enter your pooch in the parade, and you will receive a Barkus Wag Bag loaded with goodies, plus you’ll be eligible to win prizes in eight categories.

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Want to find more “dog events near me” that are just as much fun as Barkus on Main? Keep reading (or jump to the events)!

Why Attend Dog Events Near Me?

Dog events are a grreat way to spend quality time with your pooch and learn more about their personality. They offer the chance to build trust and strengthen your bond. However, the benefits of dog events near you don’t end there.


Dogs need socialization to be well-rounded woofs. Going to unfamiliar environments full of various smells, different sounds, and strange dogs and people helps your dog become more comfurrtable in these scenarios. Understanding the world around them helps your dog live a happier, more relaxed life. 

Fun for Dogs and Owners

While going to the dog park, playing in the backyard and taking walks are all fun and enriching for a pooch, sometimes it’s a good idea to mix up your activities! Dog events offer something different for you and Fido to do together, whether you’re looking to spice up your routine or make new friends!

Finding “dog events near me” is a great way to meet fellow dog-lovers and their pooches. When you make furriends at a dog event, it can lead to a closer relationship, meaning more play dates for Fido!

Learning and Training Opportunities

Attending dog events near you helps you work on training your pooch. When you’re around lots of sights, sounds and smells, you’re able to really put your pooch’s obedience training to the test.

Additionally, some dog events are training-focused, so you can use them to socialize your dog and work on skills, from basic obedience to agility competitions!

Supporting Local Businesses and the Local Pet Community

When you attend dog events in Arkansas that are hosted at or sponsored by local businesses – like Barkus on Main – you are helping support your local economy! You may also discover a new local business you love and can support for years to come, whether it’s dog-related or not.

At dog events near you, you also become a part of the local pet community. There’s strength in numbers, and the more people who show up for their pooches, the more improvements and opportunities we’ll see in Arkansas dog parks, dog events, dog-friendly areas and so on!

Types of Dog Events Near Me

Once you start looking, you will see that there are lots of “dog events near me” happening throughout the year in Central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas! These types of events include:

Dog-Friendly Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can include concerts at dog-friendly venues, as well as sporting events. 

Dog Parades and Festivals

Dog parades and festivals are grreat ways to get some steps in, socialize your pooch and eat some good grub.

Charity Events, Walks and Fundraisers

It’s always good to give back, and it’s even better when your dog can be involved. 

Agility and Obedience Competitions

Whether your pooch is a beginner or advanced participant, you can find competition trials and events near you.

Dog Sports and Games

If you love to watch the Puppy Bowl, you just might be interested in tracking down a similar activity for your woof!

Grand Opening Events

At Hounds Lounge, we love to throw a pawty when we open a new location! We’re not alone – many vet clinics, pet stores and dog bakeries will also host grand opening events for dogs and hoomans. There are usually contests, freebies, treats, games and prizes involved!

Finding Dog Events Near Me

Now that you have an idea of which “dog events near me” you might want to look for, here’s how to start digging!

Utilizing Event Calendars and Websites

In a pawfect world, you could simply Google “dog events near me,” and they would all immediately appear! While you can find some events with a quick Google search, you often have to look just a little bit harder to find dog events near you. We recommend checking community event calendars and city websites, as well as event websites like Eventbrite and dog travel websites like BringFido.

Following Local Pet Organizations and Businesses on Social Media

You can learn a lot from social media! Furr example, over on our Hounds Lounge social accounts, we post reminders about events happening in the pet community and share photo recaps. To learn about dog events in Arkansas, you should follow relevant social media accounts – just make sure they actively post. You can even join Facebook groups for dog lovers in your area, as well as groups for your dog’s specific breed.

It’s also a grreat idea to check Facebook events to see what’s happening nearby!

Checking with Local Shelters and Rescue Organizations

If you’re interested in volunteering at a shelter, helping with an adoption event or anything else related to a local shelter, visit their website or give them a call! We created a complete guide to dog rescues in Arkansas to make it easy to contact them. 

Word of Mouth and Community Bulletin Boards

When you’re looking for “dog events near me,” it never hurts to ask a fellow dog owner! Their years of experience living in the community with a dog make them more knowledgeable than any website. Hounds Lounge staff members are always happy to tell you about their favorite local dog events.

You can also check community bulletin boards at vet clinics, in pet stores and on college or work campuses.

Annual Dog Events Near Me to Look Furrward to Every Year

Arkansas is home to many types of dog events! Some of these events are one-time only, while others are annual traditions. Below are a few of our favorite yearly events that we think you and your dog will also love!

Minor League Baseball Games

Both the Arkansas Travelers and Northwest Arkansas Naturals baseball teams offer dog-friendly games throughout the season. For 2024, Hounds Lounge Rogers has partnered with the Naturals for Bark in the Ballpark, welcoming dogs at their April 21, June 20 and August 18 games.


For food, fun and furry furriends, look no further than the longstanding Main Street Food Truck Festival in downtown Little Rock. It usually happens in September, and it’s always a hit – Hounds Lounge is always there to offer treats to four-legged furriends!

Harvestfest in Hillcrest and Fayetteville Falltoberfest Dogtoberfest are two fall festivals we love to sponsor and attend with our own pooches. 

Charity Events

CARE for Animals is a local organization dear to our heart. They offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year, as well as beloved annual events Paws on the Runway and Paws at the Net.

If you want to support the Humane Society of Pulaski County, their annual event Reigning Cats & Dogs is always a doggone good time.

Paws Off Family Dog Walk is an all-day dog event in Fayetteville that supports the NWA Center for Sexual Assault. The event starts with a group dog walk, followed by crafts, races, games, pet adoptions and more. This year’s event is happening April 27. 

Walks and Runs

There are many dog-friendly races in Arkansas, including the Chase Race and Paws 1-mile walk/run in Conway that happens every spring.

During spooky season in Fayetteville, you can take Fido to the annual Howling Halloween 5K and 1K Dog Walk!

Dog-Friendly Places in Arkansas

If you’re not quite ready to take Fido to “dog events near me,” no worries! Start by visiting dog-friendly places in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Bryant or wherever you live in the state. You can also take your pooch to doggy daycare at Hounds Lounge to work on their social skills – your first day is FREE. Puppy steps!

Don’t Furrget About Barkus on Main, Presented by Hounds Lounge

We hope this blog has given you lots of ideas about finding “dog events near me!” You’re sure to enjoy switching up your routine, meeting new fur families and getting involved in your community. Socializing is good for dogs and people!

While there are so many upcoming events to choose from, go ahead and mark your calendars for Barkus on Main Sunday, April 7 from noon to 5 p.m. The parade starts at 2:30 p.m. at the 400 block of Main Street in downtown Little Rock. If you have an attention hound on your paws, don’t forget to register your pooch to walk in the parade.

See you soon at Barkus on Main! The Hounds Lounge team will be there with treats and water. This could be the furrst of many dog events you and Fido attend together. Let the good times sit, stay and roll over.